Invited presentation for the Finnish Ministry of Environment

I was invited give a presentation to the Finnish Ministry of Environment and his delegation to display the results of my research at Tampere University of Technology on metaMorphology. The talk was designed to show the methodology I developed to study urban trends in Finland and rise awareness on the phase of decay in the diversity of activities available in Helsinki in comparison to other European capital cities.

Market Café Mag

Original map artworks co-produced with Jesus Lòpez Baeza and an extensive interview was just published on the meticulously printed spreads of Market Cafe Mag:

As individuals we collect emotions and experiences that are strongly related to time and space, shaping what we call urban metaMorphology, the invisible forms of the city. This is what we want to explore, borrowing methods from cultural analytics and digital anthropology to map the digital traces left by people – giving the rise to the collective form of the city. We use data to map perception and reactions, how people use the city and how they interact with it in space and time. 

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