Re-Cycle Italy

Aracne Editrice has just published our report on the Italian drosscapes. My research focused on finding and studying the relations between spatial integration and the accumulation of waste or informal activities that generate pollutants.

Re-cycle Italy is a Research project of national interest (PRIN) financed by the Italian ministry of education to study the impact of polluting facilities in urban and rural environment. The research was carried out by a consortium of 14 Italian universities located all over the country and myself I was working with Project Centre at the Architecture Faculty of Sapienza University of Rome. My role was to develop mapping techniques and analytics methods to assess the impact of drosscapes in southern Rome. I was also responsible for building a collaborative GIS infrastructure to enhange cooperation process between resaerchers and present the data and analytics with an interactive web interface. Sadly, my research highlights an alarming process of self organisation, where polluting activities tends to locate themselves with a short proximity with the river Tiber and seasonal flooding area.

All areas found releasing pollutant within areas of seasonal flooding and environmental hazard

The report of this research project is available only in Italian, edited in 15 volumes published by Aracne editrice. It is also available on ISSUU, here.

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