Damiano Cerrone


I’m trained as a spatial planner and analyst first in Rome, at Sapienza University, and later at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, where I received a master of science in urban studies. During my studies I worked on intense research programs in the cities of Tallinn, Helsinki and Rome. I co-founded and directed the work of the SPIN Unit for the past three years and enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Architecture and Planning at the Estonian  Academy of Arts. I’ve been regularly involved in the academic field by participating to international conferences and taking part in international research projects, as well as running seminars and workshops in urban modelling.

I’m Principal Researcher at Michael Sorkin’s TERREFORM CAUR in New York and Associate of the Spatial Ethnography Lab. In 2015 I received the Young Scholar award by ESRI in San Diego together with the 2nd prize for the most innovative map of the year awarded by ESRI.

My personal research focusses on urban-metamorpholgy, bridging the invisible image of the city with physical shape of the city. I am also using spatial analysis and digital surveys of public space to study the relations between urban morphology and activity patterns. These analyses look to the scenario of the third industrial revolution, reconsidering the meaning of physical space and society.

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I am shrewd, skeptical and restrained. I am philosophical. I am open to and intrigued by new ideas and love to explore them. I’m independent and I have a strong desire to have time to myself.

I am authority-challenging.

I prefer to challenge authority and traditional values to help bring about positive changes. Experiences that make you feel high prestige are generally unappealing to me.

I am relatively unconcerned with tradition

I care more about making my own path than following what others have done. I consider independence to guide a large part of what I do. I like to set my own goals to decide how to best achieve them.


Write to me damianocerrone@gmail.com