I am director at SPIN Unit, a transnational urban research network combining art and science to find new, creative approaches to urban studies and advanced data solutions. I am also involved in external collaboration as Principal Researcher at Michael Sorkin’s TERREFORM CAUR in New York, Associate at the Spatial Ethnography Lab.

I lead research and consulting projects in Europe and Russia with planning offices and public administration to develop new urban analytics and guidelines for interaction-based planning. I recently mentored several UNDP events on interaction planning and consulting for the cities of Tallinn, Turku and the Finnish Ministry of Environment.

In 2015, I received the ESRI Young Scholar award and in 2016 I was awarded the Golden globe for digital geography from the Geoknowledge Foundation. In parallel, I am writing a doctoral dissertation on the conceptual framework of Urban Meta-morphology, a method to study the relations between the tangible and the digital forms of the city.

My work aims to build bridges between scientific research and urban management, to innovate in urban planning practice through digital urban analysis and policy making.

For questions and inquiries or meetings and talks, write to me at  damianocerrone@gmail.com 

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