The experience of the city

Hearing this I am reminded that in an age where we now value desirable experience over physical things, we must measure and understand the experience of places, as well as the environment. SPIN Unit’s pioneering work talks about this in terms of understanding the attractions of the ‘Invisible City’ as it is glimpsed in social […]

I ate it here: lower Manhattan

  “I think I’ll call it morning” is playing while the toast is turning crispy and brown. A rich man, probably indian, shows up in front of his window and drinks his coffee. He lays his mug on the marble top and with slow gestures he sets his cufflinks. Our gazes meet for a fraction […]

I ate it here: Alicante

Forty minutes to boarding and there is a line of about fifteen people standing to be first in a game where if you win or lose, you still get the same seat number. As more people join “the cue of back-pain” I drink this overpriced squeezed orange juice that taste like pith and think about […]

Re-Cycle Italy

Aracne Editrice has just published our report on the Italian drosscapes. My research focused on finding and studying the relations between spatial integration and the accumulation of waste or informal activities that generate pollutants.