As part of the project, on Thursday, October 10,
2019, the Ministry and UNDP, in partnership with
the Adria Media Group, are organizing a “Citizens
Build Smart Cities / Re-imagining the City”
event, in order to present infrastructure solutions
for developing climate-smart cities, showcase how
new technology supports urban environments to
adequately respond to needs of citizens, economy
and nature, and engage citizens in decision-making
on implementation of innovative solutions.

Helsinki Symposium

The City of Helsinki and Mayor Jan Vapaavuori organised an interesting discussion event of the spring Helsinki Symposium on the role and significance of the cities as the solvers of the biggest challenges of our time. How do the cities fight climate change and segregation? How do cities become sustainable, creative and responsible 1.5-degree cities?

During the afternoon speakers include the author and the New Yorker lifestyle columnist David Owen, Domestic Urban Tops Emma Terämä and Damiano Cerrone, New York Commissioner for International Affairs Penny Abeywardena and Casper von Koskull, CEO of Nordea.