Upcoming metaMorphology Lab

This workshop used location-based social media data to unveil, map, and study the metamorphology of Turku. Participants relied on large datasets from Instagram, Twitter, and Airbnb to find meta-trends in the use of outdoor and indoor spaces and map activity patterns using geographic information software. They also carried out surveys to study the relation between urban amenities and the image of the place, to gain a new understanding the qualitative aspects of social practices and the narrative of urban spaces.

Workshop details

13–17 March 2017
University of Turku

Digital mapping: Using QGis (or ArcGis, Processing, MapBox) to map spatio-temporal patterns, activity patterns, and find possible trends in the metamorphology of the city.
Cultural analytics: Visually analysing a large dataset of images shared in Turku to extract the qualitative aspects of the invisible image of the city. Pictures will be categorised using custom-designed software.